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55th Anniversary

The History Teacher
1967 • 2022

The History Teacher - Order

The History Teacher - Order

The History Teacher

Volume 55, No. 2
February 2022

Front Cover: Collection of Poems by Jāmī, poetry by Nūr al-Dīn ʿAbd al-Rahmān Jāmī, calligraphy by Shāh Mahmūd Nīshāpūrī, ca. 1500-1600. Library of Congress, Afghanistan Project, Control No. 2021667232. Image 6 of 625.

Back Cover: Collection of Poems by Jāmī, poetry by Nūr al-Dīn ʿAbd al-Rahmān Jāmī, calligraphy by Shāh Mahmūd Nīshāpūrī, ca. 1500-1600. Library of Congress, Afghanistan Project, Control No. 2021667232. Image 234 of 625.

The History Teacher continues its 55th Anniversary Edition adorned with the exquisite art accompanying the works of Persian poet Jāmī (1414-1492). In addition to a three-part special focus on Extracting Evidence with exceptional contributions from Michael P. Marino, Jason Eden, and Lightning Jay, this issue of The History Teacher examines World History Education—including how it has developed in the past and how it can advance in the future.

This issue opens with the retrospective, and introspective, "World History Education around the World" by Ross Edmunds Dunn, author of the fascinating The Adventures of Ibn Battuta: A Muslim Traveler of the 14th Century and co-author of the perennially relevant History on Trial: Culture Wars and the Teaching of the Past. Dunn scrutinizes the history of world history education as an academic subject "invented" by nineteenth-century scholars in the United States, and the field's evolution "from race-based, Eurocentric, and multiculturalist conceptions to 'humanocentric' perspectives that emphasize study of world historical processes
on several scales" now advanced by numerous organizations and individuals around the globe.

Continuing this important inquiry, Jameel Haque, co-founder of the Middle Eastern Studies and Islamic World Program and director of the Kessel Peace Institute at Minnesota State University, Mankato, audits several college-level world history textbooks and finds not only the aforementioned Eurocentrism, but also specific anti-Muslim biases that are alarmingly taught with academic authority to trusting students. This candid—and necessary—self-reflection of the field fortunately offers recommendations to lead the discipline, and its students, to new heights.

We hope you and your students enjoy the possibilities presented in this issue of The History Teacher. We invite you to join us in celebrating 55 years of The History Teacher—as well as the innumerable contributions of History Teachers throughout time and throughout the world.

The History Teacher
Volume 55, No. 2
February 2022

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World History Education

World History Education around the World
  by Ross Edmunds Dunn   (pp. 189-227)

Grafting and Mirroring: Anti-Muslim Bias in World History Textbooks
  by Jameel Haque   (pp. 229-267)

Extracting Evidence

Rethinking Historical Thinking: How Historians Use Inaccurate and Unreliable Evidence
  by Michael P. Marino   (pp. 269-304)

Identity, Historiography, and Evidence: A Framework for the Upper-Level History Methods Class
  by Jason Eden   (pp. 305-333)

Constructing Local History Units with Document-Based Lessons
  by Lightning Jay   (pp. 335-348)


Full Reviews Section   (pp. 349-376)

Bhattacharya, Neeladri. The Great Agrarian Conquest: The Colonial Reshaping of a Rural World
  by Douglas E. Haynes

Casey, Zachary A. and Shannon K. McManimon. Building Pedagogues: White Practicing Teachers and the Struggle for Antiracist Work in Schools
  by Brenda Santos

Casimir, Jean. The Haitians: A Decolonial History
  by Frances Bell

Collins, David J., S.J., ed. The Sacred and the Sinister: Studies in Medieval Religion and Magic
  by Lisa M. Bitel

DeCaro, Louis A. Jr. The Untold Story of Shields Green: The Life and Death of a Harper's Ferry Raider
  by Alfonso Zavala, Jr.

El Shakry, Omnia, ed. Understanding and Teaching the Modern Middle East
  by Magnús T. Bernhardsson

Festle, Mary Jo. Transforming History: A Guide to Effective, Inclusive, and Evidence-Based Teaching
  by Bradley A. Smith

Gueniffey, Patrice. Napoleon and de Gaulle: Heroes and History
  by Daniel Arenas

Lambert, Andrew. Seapower States: Maritime Culture, Continental Empires and the Conflict That Made the Modern World
  by David J. Stewart

Martell, Christopher C. and Kaylene M. Stevens. Teaching History for Justice: Centering Activism in Students' Study of the Past
  by Chelsea D. Chamberlain

Moran, Katherine D. The Imperial Church: Catholic Founding Fathers and United States Empire
  by Emily Davis

Musgrove, David and Michael Lewis. The Story of the Bayeux Tapestry: Unraveling the Norman Conquest
  by Hugh M. Thomas

Pointer, Richard W. Pacifist Prophet: Papunhank and the Quest for Peace in Early America
  by Evan Haefeli

Seligman, Scott D. The Great Kosher Meat War of 1902: Immigrant Housewives and the Riots that Shook New York City
  by Daniel Soyer

Sherow, James E. The Chisholm Trail: Joseph McCoy's Great Gamble
  by Chris Deutsch

Todd, Molly. Long Journey to Justice: El Salvador, the United States, and Struggles against Empire
  by Stephanie M. Huezo

Willis, Deborah. The Black Civil War Soldier: A Visual History of Conflict and Citizenship
  by James J. Broomall

Zoellner, Tom. Island on Fire: The Revolt That Ended Slavery in the British Empire
  by D. A. Dunkley


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Ross Edmunds Dunn taught African, Islamic, and world history at San Diego State University for four decades. His publications include The Adventures of Ibn Battuta, A Muslim Traveler of the 14th Century, History on Trial: Culture Wars and the Teaching of the Past with Gary B. Nash and Charlotte Crabtree, and The New World History: A Field Guide for Teachers and Researchers with Laura J. Mitchell and Kerry Ward. He is the Director of World History for Us All, an online model curriculum for world history in schools based at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Jason Eden earned his Ph.D. in History from the University of Minnesota. He is currently a Professor of History at Saint Cloud State University in Minnesota, where he teaches courses that address early North America, historical methods, and immigration history. His research interests include the history of aging, religious history, and Native American history. He is the co-author of Age Norms and Intercultural Interaction in Colonial North America.

Jameel Haque holds a Ph.D. from the Graduate Center at the City University of New York. He is currently an Associate Professor of History at Minnesota State University, Mankato and the Director of the Kessel Peace Institute. His teaching and research interests include world history, education, archaeology, religion, and the First World War.

Lightning Jay is an Assistant Professor of Education in the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Educational Leadership at Binghamton University, where he studies social education and teacher education. He was a social studies teacher for elementary, middle, and high school students in Brooklyn, New York and Minneapolis, Minnesota prior to pursuing his Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania.

Michael P. Marino is a Professor and Chair of the Department of History at The College of New Jersey, located in Ewing, New Jersey. He teaches courses in social studies education and modern European history and coordinates the Department’s secondary education program.

The History Teacher cover

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The History Teacher
Volume 55, No. 2
February 2022

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