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The History Teacher and Wikipedia: Teaching and Learning in an Era of "Instant Historying"

Volume 47, No. 2: (February 2014)


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Volume 46, No. 2: (February 2013)

Volume 46, No. 2

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Volume 45, No. 3

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Volume 45, No. 2

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Volume 45, No. 1
The History Teacher

The current issue of The History Teacher is Volume 47, No. 2 (February 2014). Take a sneak peek at the current issue's contents and contributors, and view a featured article here right here at our website.

The Society for History Education was established at the University of Notre Dame as the "History Teachers' Association" and published the first issue of The History Teacher in November 1967. The Society for History Education (SHE) relocated to the campus of California State University, Long Beach in 1972. A non-profit organization, SHE supports all disciplines in history education in universities, community colleges, and K-12 schools, particularly with its publication, The History Teacher.

The History Teacher, currently in its 47th volume, is the most widely recognized journal in the United States devoted to the teaching of history. Published quarterly (released in November, February, May, and August), it features informative and inspirational peer-reviewed analyses of traditional and innovative teaching techniques in the primary, secondary, and higher education classroom. Please visit our subscriptions page for information on ordering print/online versions.

The Society for History Education is an Affiliate of the American Historical Association (AHA) and maintains a special educational partnership with the faculty of the Department of History at California State University, Long Beach.

The Society for History Education, Inc.


President, Tim Keirn
Secretary, Jane Dabel
Treasurer, Nancy Quam-Wickham

Dorothy Abrahamse, Simeon J. Crowther
Jane Dabel, Nancy Quam-Wickham, Richard H. Wilde


Edward Berenson, New York University
David A. Berry, Essex County College
Ron Briley, Sandia Preparatory School
Lendol Calder, Augustana College
Joan Catapano, University of Illinois Press
Ross E. Dunn, San Diego State University
Leon Fink, University of North Carolina
Noralee Frankel, Independent Scholar
Sandra B. Freitag, University of California, Santa Cruz
David Gould, Durham Academy
Robert L. Harris, Cornell University
T. Mills Kelly, George Mason University
David M. Kennedy, Stanford University
Mark L. Kornbluh, University of Kentucky
Michael Lovorn, University of Pittsburgh
Michael A. Morrison, Purdue University
Amanda Podany, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Peter Porter, Montville Township High School
John Pyne, West Milford Township High School
Elaine Wrisley Reed, National Council for History Education
Eric Rothschild, Scarsdale High School
Gloria Sesso, Patchogue-Medford School
Howard Spodek, Temple University
Peter N. Stearns, George Mason University
John Tyler, Groton School
Merry Wiesner-Hanks, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

The History Teacher


Editor, Jane Dabel
Managing Editor, Elisa Herrera
Book Review Editors, Jane Dabel, Tim Keirn, and Eileen Luhr
Computer Editor, Elisa Herrera

Linda Alkana, Houri Berberian, Donna Binkiewicz, Elisa Herrera
Troy Johnson, Tim Keirn, Margaret Kuo, Eileen Luhr, David Neumann
Nancy Quam-Wickham, Anita Ravi, Peter Snetsinger, Jared Stallones
William A. Weber, Richard H. Wilde

Business, Production, and Subscription Manager
Elisa Herrera

Graduate Student Intern
Patrick Flanagan


Regarding editorial policies and plans for The History Teacher and article submissions to the journal:
Jane Dabel, Editor, The History Teacher
phone: (562) 985-2408, fax: (562) 985-5431, e-mail:

Regarding book and media reviews in The History Teacher:
Tim Keirn, Reviews Editor, The History Teacher
phone: (562) 985-4428, fax: (562) 985-5431, e-mail:

Regarding business, production, subscription, and advertising matters:
Elisa Herrera, Director, The History Teacher
phone: (562) 985-2573, fax: (562) 985-5431, e-mail:

Regarding Presidential and Board-related matters:
Tim Keirn, President, Society for History Education
address: CSULB, 1250 Bellflower Blvd., Long Beach, CA 90840
phone: (562) 985-4428, fax: (562) 985-5431, e-mail:

Regarding website design and updates:
Elisa Herrera, Webmaster, Society for History Education


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